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Sunday, April 09, 2006 

It Pains Me To Say This!

These phrases need to die. NOW:

"We make going to the dentist fun again!" (you know, back when their instruments were designed for ripping...)

"Come rediscover the wonders of the Renaissance!" (like the plague!)

"The most comfortable exam room possible" (besides my room with you not there?)

Note: This photo is probably copyrighted and was not taken by me. This should be obvious since the image is in focus and there's no vomit in the frame...

I still have horrifying memories that merge into night terrors from going to that one dentist in Longmont. In my opinion- dentist offices should not be underground, no matter the savings on heating and a/c. Dentists should not cram their rather large hand in your mouth, just to see if they can. Dentists should also be very careful when anesthetizing patients, and should never ever ever numb the wrong side of a patient's mouth.

They should also not take their sweet time and then get mad when you can't keep your jaw strethced open as wide as possible. These things should be obvious, and yet...

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