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Friday, December 30, 2005 

UPDATE: "This is my first blog..."

Just so nobody's left on the edge of their seat, let me summarize the conclusion to my "I'm hungry" quandary: I did indeed eat Carl's Jr. (CJ: please send me a "lifetime free" certificate!) and the guacamole bacon burger was delicious... Also, does Blogger delete blogs for being completely and utterly irrelevent to life, everything and anything as well as for wasting their bandwidth for no good reason?

Hmmm, my blog's still up and running without a problem, so Blogger must not have a problem with irrelevancy.

Good to know; I guess they only delete things that contain innapropriate material. Like this: Man I hate those [BLOGGER EDIT]! They're such [BLOGGER EDIT] because they always [BLOGGER EDIT] with [BLOGGER EDIT] which leads to [BLOGGER EDIT][BLOGGER EDIT]...

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