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Monday, March 27, 2006 

The Ugly Stick

Hey Tony,

Have you every marveled at the beauty of a nighttime cityscape, only to be repelled by the squalid reality after a closer look? So anyways, that's why I didn't wear my glasses on my date with your sister; I thought this would be the most appropriate way to tell you...

Let me guess- you guys had sushi tonight. :-)

Rob y Sarah

A reactionary poem for your enlightenment:

Post longs for reader;
reader yearns for comment.
Comment thirsts for disconnect,
'tween it and post per intent.

OK, so the two deleted comments are mine. I finally got this comment set up correctly. Sheesh!

"So turn up the jukebox and dim down the lights. I don't need no vision 20/20 tonight. She ain't much to see, but she looks good to me, through the bottom of the glass."

from a Del McCoury song

Not that I would ever do such a thing...

8:13 AM

HA! Those lyrics are hilarious! How very relevent, dad! I may have to try and find/listen to that song...

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