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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

Word Cloud

I stole the idea of this post from inimitable Cool Cucumber. I had to change it once since for some reason my first cloud had "Hitler" displayed prominently in bold right in the middle of the image! Enjoy the wierdness...

Hey, nice new look Marky! How in the world did you CHANGE your word cloud? Did you edit it in an image editor on that fancy schmancy computer of yours?

Haha, you have hitler in your cloud. What's that say about you? ;-)

Hey, I love the new theme! The last one was so early December, 2005.

Well if everyone would stop using the H-word, my next word cloud would probably not feature it so prominently! And Sarah, when you view the cloud, it gives you the edit option on the right...

rbflyfishr rbflyfishr rbflyfishr rbflyfishr rbflyfishr rbflyfishr

I just wanted to be in your cloud. Just kidding. You can delete this, so I won't mess it up. But hey, maybe I would replace the H-word.

I did this too! Very fun. Nothing weird showed up on mine, though. :(

Nice, Dad; I'll have to test that out for next time...

Jules, I agree that it is very nice of them to let us view the clouds without having to purchase a t-shirt!

hey.. carl has his name on there.

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